Kits for pressure differential systems

Ausschnitt der IFI-Stadt, DifferenzdrucksystmeIn addition to our services for the design, planning and analysis of pressurization systems, we also test kits for pressure differential systems in accordance with the new Standard DIN EN 12101-6:2022-11.

The tests include

  • measurement of the system classes,
  • the functionality test (FU) according to section,
  • the durability test (DU) including the final, repeated function test in accordance with section and
  • the oscillating test (OSC) in accordance with section

Even if the tests are not subject to the accredited area of I.F.I., the metrological principles of EN 17025 are fulfilled as far as possible in order to enable access to the data later with regard to accreditation - after approval by the national accreditation body of Germany (DAkkS).

The result of the tests in our test room is comprehensive documentation consisting not only of a test certificate and a test report as required by the standard, but also of detailed results and pictures of the different components of the systems.

Besides the measurements described in the standards, we also offer the measurement of devices such as door air curtains, which serve to reduce leakage at the exit door of a staircase.