Testing of mobile air filters

Ausschnitt der IFI-Stadt, Mobile Sekundärluft

Indoor air quality has become highly relevant since the SARS-COV2 pandemic. Many people want the air in classrooms or offices to be free of bacteria, viruses, dust, aerosols and other particles. As regular ventilation is not always possible or leads to a massive reduction in comfort or a waste of energy, mobile fans are increasingly being used indoors.

We offer manufacturers of mobile air purification devices tests to prove their performance based on the active principle of separation. We do this in accordance with various guidelines and standards in our special laboratories or directly at the place of use (see below).

Our tests are carried out in accordance with the VDI expert recommendation VDI EE 4300 Sheet 14 from September 2021. The results are concrete, comprehensible and measurable statements on important performance and functional parameters such as

  • Volume flow (DIN EN 12599)
  • Electrical power consumption
  • Sound power level (DIN EN ISO 3744)
  • Clean air delivery rate CADR (converted in accordance with ANSI/AHAM AC-1:2020)
  • Decay curve in the test room: particle concentration over time
  • Decay behavior per location: the particle reduction taking into account the device positioning in the seminar room or particle concentration at different locations over time
  • Dispersion behavior: the particle dispersion of individual emitters, taking into account the positioning of the device in the seminar room or particle concentration at various points over time
  • Impairment of comfort or draught risk (draught rate) according to DIN EN ISO 7730
  • Spread of filtered air in the room

Based on the tests, we create report documentation which also contains valuable information for the users of the tested devices regarding their use or installation in the respective room.

In addition to measurements in our own laboratory and in a specially equipped classroom, we can also carry out measurements of room effects, draught risk and sound pressure levels on your premises.

Measurements for very specific issues are also possible. Just get in touch with us!