Non smoker protection systems

Ausschnitt der IFI-Stadt, Nichtraucherschutzsysteme

Manufacturers and providers of non-smoker protection systems require proof of their effectiveness. For this reason, I.F.I. has developed a special certification in collaboration with the German Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (former BGIA, now named IFA). The certificate bears the title "GS-IFI-M14" and is based on the German law on technical work equipment and consumer products (Equipment and Product Safety Act - GPSG).

The certificate ensures that the tested devices keep the surrounding area optimally free of harmful substances and that people in the area are effectively protected from the dangers of tobacco smoke and the nuisance of odors. The requirements for the tested devices and systems are therefore particularly high.

Testing and certification is a voluntary measure - usually ordered by product manufacturers. The certification is renewed every 5 years for the safety of users. This provides our clients with proof of the safety and effectiveness of their devices - unlike the certification of individual components or the use of uncertified devices.

If you have any questions about these tests or about the possibilities for testing and assessing systems that have already been installed (on-site testing), we will be happy to help you.