Fume cupboards

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To ensure that fume cupboards can fulfill their function of protecting people safely and reliably, they must be tested as a type, and also at regular intervals after being commissoned. In Germany, the decisive regulations for testing are the European standard EN 14175 and the "Betriebssicherheitsverordnung" (Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health).

The criteria for evaluating the test results are the limit values specified by BG RCI dated 29/07/2003. Normally, our clients outside Germany also use these values as a basis for evaluation. On request, however, we can of course apply the limit values of the country in which the fume cupboards are to be distributed.

In all cases, we are concerned with more than just testing. In the event of design faults or non-compliant measurement results for a fume cupboard, we help rectify the faults or find suitable solutions, depending on the assignment. In addition, our active involvement in standardization enables us to provide our clients with development support oriented towards the future.

The type tests in accordance with EN 14175-3 take place in our test room. The client sets up the fume cupboard in the test room and commissions the electrical systems. Our test personnel then set up the test equipment in accordance with the standard and carry out the tests for the required front sash openings.
The result of the type tests is detailed documentation including a certificate which can be presented when participating in tenders, for example.

For on-site testing in accordance with EN 14175-4, we come to you with our extensive testing equipment, either to your own laboratories or to your customer's laboratory facilities. Once the tests have been completed, we issue test reports in which the results over a period of time are presented as diagrams.

In addition to the above-mentioned tests, we at I.F.I. are always ready to support you with special requirements. For example, we also carry out tests of variable air volume fume cupboards in accordance with Part 6 and tests of fume cupboards in accordance with Part 7 of the standard. Tests of radionuclide fume cupboards in accordance with Part 8 are also possible.

If you manufacture or operate enclosures or workplaces under constant air extraction that are outside the scope of the standard, we can also test their performance on the basis of the standard. Feel free to contact us!

As stipulated in the regulations, fume cupboards must be serviced regularly and their functionality must be tested at least once a year.

We can offer you such annual repeat inspections by a qualified person.