Supporting product development

Although our website presents a large portfolio of our consulting services in the field of industrial aerodynamics, it is far from covering all of our clients' individual issues.

We are happy to use our know-how, our project experience, our test facilities and our measuring equipment to work directly with you on your project-specific challenges.

Here are just a few examples of our individual consultations and investigations:

We rarely deal with questions of vehicle aerodynamics - but in such special cases concerning the positional safety of loads and the strength of covers, you will also find us to be a competent partner.

I.F.I. has the ability to determine pressure loss coefficients for various sections of air duct systems. One particular challenge that we are happy to take on is closely branched duct systems. Depending on the complexity of the system, the pressure losses often behave differently than stated in the literature. This is due to the interactions between different sections of the system. For this reason, we also offer to compare the results with literature data after the investigation.

Engine test runs are regularly carried out during the construction and maintenance of aircraft. For this purpose, "aircraft run-up facilities" are built which, among other things, protect the engines from crosswinds and thus enable these run-ups to be carried out without any problems. I.F.I. supports its clients from the aviation industry in the customized development of these devices.

At I.F.I., wind tunnels and fans are not only a means to an end, but also the subject of our investigations if required. We support manufacturers and operators of wind tunnels and fans in their optimal design and installation.

I.F.I. has a special wind tunnel for flow-acoustic measurements and offers these on individual client request. This is because flow noise can also cause considerable acoustic impairment on buildings and their attachments. In addition, we can also carry out aeroacoustic tests on technical components - please contact us if you have individual requirements.

There are many forms of flow: in addition to the familiar linear or turbulent ones, there are also swirling flows, for example. These are not only generated artificially in vacuum cleaners, but are also used for fire protection under the title of "swirl extraction". We know our way around here too – simply contact us if you need any help!

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