The I.F.I. uses numerical flow simulations (CFD for short) to investigate and assess complex flow processes where manual calculations or simpler simulation tools reach their limits.

Typical issues we investigate and plan as part of our daily work include smoke extraction systems in buildings or transportation systems, the spread of pollutants, e.g. in underground car parks or in the outdoor areas of buildings, indoor flows taking into account thermal boundary conditions, cold air flows in urban districts and instability analyses for single-axis PV tracking systems. Due to our many years of continuous work in the laboratory, we have extensive experience in fluid mechanics, which provides our experts with solid basic knowledge when evaluating simulations.

Depending on the requirements, stationary or transient simulations are used. We use the programs FDS, PHOENICS and OpenFoam.

Securing escape and rescue routes is a high priority nowadays, especially in public buildings, places of assembly or other buildings with a high occupancy rate. In such cases, evacuation simulations in accordance with DIN 18009-2 are often required to demonstrate a safe evacuation, which our experts can support you with.

The I.F.I. uses the crowd:it program package for this purpose.