The acceptance of fire- and safety engineering measures in different types of buildings such as residential or office buildings, shopping malls, industrial facilities, train stations or tunnels often require a fire test. We perform for this purpose or as fire service drill controlled fire tests with hygienic harmless smoke considering the requirements of e.g. VDI 6019, vfdb 14-02 or RABT.

Brandrauchversuche in einem Tunnel

Tunnel Safety and Ventilation of Tunnels
Real Fire Tests in Tunnels

Real fire tests demonstrate the weak point during acceptance tests and fire drills and help to optimise the ventilation of the tunnel in case of an incident.

I.F.I. offers comprehensive services in the field of real fire tests.  Real fire tests close the gap between the safety planning (theory) and the fire catastrophe to be avoided (pratice).

With the mobile test equipment developed by I.F.I  realistic fire events with a thermal output of 5 MW can be simulated.

Modern measuring and control technology allow a fast and precise run of a specified scenario. Damage of the existing building is prevented by an on-line temperature control.  Problem oriented test programmes are developed after an analysis of the ventilation system and the safety equipment of the tunnel. On the basis of these tests, documented by means of measuring and video technology, the optimisation potentials are pointed out and the necessary safety-relevant proofs are provided.

Specially developed smoke generators provide a large amount of smoke.

Due to the targeted controlled fire together with hot white smoke of about 450 °C a sufficient thermal lift is provided. Under appropriate flow conditions in the tunnel a stable smoke layer  or at high longitudinal velocities a realistic smoke filled tunnel cross section is reached. The smoke harmless, i.e. there is no risk for people participating in this realistic szenario.

I.F.I. offers:
Analysis of the ventilation system and the safety-relevant equipment of the tunnel:

   • Planning and execution of the tests in coordination with the customer/operator
   • Coordination of public relations 
   • Evaluation of the test results 
   • Evaluation and  presentation of the optimisation potential 
   • Documentation of the results by means of a report and of videos 
   • Issue of proofs and expert's report

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Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Konrath

Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Konrath

Managing Partner, Smoke Management and Pressure Differential Systems Expert

Your contact for:
Testing and certification in accordance with EN, building and industrial aerodynamics, smoke control and fire simulations

German, English
+49.241.879708-42 | +49.241.879708-20 |

Dipl.-Ing. Wilfried Mertens, M.Sc.

Dipl.-Ing. Wilfried Mertens, M.Sc.

Quality Management Representative, Head of the Test Department for Wind Tunnel Testing and Computational Fluid Dynamics

Your contact for:
Pressure differential systems, wind and smoke management

German, English
+49.241.879708-22 | +49.241.879708-10 |

Rolf-Dieter Lieb, PhD

Rolf-Dieter Lieb, PhD

Managing Partner, Wind and Smoke Management Expert

Your contact for:
Building aerodynamics, aerophysics, building physics, smoke control and computer-aided simulations

German, English, Italian
+49.241.879708-32 | +49.241.879708-30 |

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