Industrial aerodynamics incorporate consultancy and development for any problem involving fluid dynamics within the non-compressible flow regime. Over the years, we developed special ventilation systems, air curtain systems, aerodynamic separation systems, swirl extraction systems, wind tunnels, fans, test rigs, aerodynamic transportation and sorting systems for our customers. Don't hesitate to approach us with any query!

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Dipl.-Ing. Tim Hillmann

Dipl.-Ing. Tim Hillmann

Deputy Head of the accredited test laboratory for testing of natural smoke and heat extraction ventilators (NSHEV) in accordance with EN 12101-2, Head of industrial aerodynamics and wind tunnel studies

Your contact for:
Testing of smoke and heat exhaust ventilators according to EN 12101-2
Industrial aerodynamics and wind tunnel studies

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+49.241.879708-77 | +49.241.879708-20 |

Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Konrath

Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Konrath

Managing Partner, Smoke Management and Pressure Differential Systems Expert

Your contact for:
Testing and certification in accordance with EN, building and industrial aerodynamics, smoke control and fire simulations

German, English
+49.241.879708-42 | +49.241.879708-20 |


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