Our history

The I.F.I. arose from the desire of two professors at Aachen University of Applied Sciences to combine science and industry. They wanted to apply theory, research and teaching to specific industrial projects and advance science by developing solutions. The aim was to establish an institution in close cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences that would specialize in the various issues of structural and industrial aerodynamics. In 1990, the time had come: Professors Kramer and Gerhardt founded the I.F.I. Institut für Industrieaerodynamik GmbH Institute at Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

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New model building techniques

Acquisition of a laser cutter and a 3D printer.
This allows our workshop to get involved in modern material processing methods for model making and experiments to find out which technologies are best for our customers.


New business field HVAC systems

The I.F.I. is tapping into a new market: engineering services in the field of energy efficiency, in particular for the design and optimization of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).


New pressure measurement technology

Major investment in expanded and more detailed pressure measurement technology.
This brings considerable added value, particularly for our customers in the fields of photovoltaics and building aerodynamics, and in most cases more savings potential.


Success in a network

Successful participation in the ORPHEUS joint project. The aim of the ORPHEUS project was to research concepts for improving personal safety in underground transportation systems in the event of fire.
The I.F.I.'s investigations into smoke extraction, among other things, provide planners and architects with a good guide for the construction or renovation of subway stations.


Adaptation to new standards

Major changes in the field of European standardization and introduction of the Construction Products Regulation. The I.F.I. decides to adapt its processes accordingly in order to be able to continue testing and certifying natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators (NSHEVS) in accordance with EN 12101-2. The relevant procedures are optimized and employees are trained.
This decision led to success: since 2013, the I.F.I. has been authorized to assess and test the constancy of performance of smoke and heat exhaust ventilators in accordance with EN 12101-2 System 1. The I.F.I. continues to be Notified Body No. 1368 and Accredited Testing Body No. D-PL-17774-01-00 (more details under Natural Smoke and heat exhaust ventilators).


Notified body for testing, inspection and certification

Recognition by the DIBt as a European notified testing, inspection and certification body with the number 1368; the first area applies to tests in accordance with EN 12101-2, for natural smoke and heat vents.


Extension and test rooms

Expansion of the I.F.I. with an additional test hall and installation of a separate test room (multifunctional test room).

The first tests of fume cupboards in accordance with EN 14175 are carried out in our own test room.



Foundation of the I.F.I. by Professors Gerhard and Kramer of Aachen University of Applied Sciences.