As specialists in ventilation technology, we carry out functional tests on ventilation systems of all sizes. We have a focus on technical details, also have an eye on the whole picture. We rate
- Energy efficiency
- Control function
- System dimensioning
- Room air conditions and thermal comffort
As a service, we offer smoke tests and long term monitoring of system efficiency and room conditions

HVAC system and room air flow measurement

As specialists in ventilation and air conditioning, we test and evaluate your systems on site. This includes the functional test and the energetic inspection of HVAC centers according to GEG as well as the examination of the room air conditions. We use sensitive measuring technology to qualify on-site conditions:

  • Smoke tests for flow visualization


    Flow rate and pressure drop

  • Acoustics
  • Air temperature, air speed and turbulence intensity
  • Measurement of room flow and air exchange rate (tracer gas measurement)

  • sound pressure level and reverberation time

The measurement of the room conditions provides a detailed picture of the system function in the current operating mode.

Since we know that the control strategy often has a significant influence on the results, we also offer services in the field of technical monitoring.

Smoke test



The conditions in a building are not constant, they are influenced by sun, wind and weather. And of course from the activities of the users. Well-being and energy efficiency are determined by how well and efficiently the technology succeeds in compensating for the disruptive influences.

Due to the dictate of ever scarcer resources, systems today have to be controlled much more precisely according to the needs of their users. And they should run as low as possible when no users are present. We can determine whether - or how well - this works through technical monitoring. The system behavior and the room conditions in the usable areas are closely monitored and evaluated with regard to control quality and energy efficiency.

During implementation, we rely on reliable but cost-effective radio controlled measurement technology, with which buildings and systems can be closely monitored for up to 2 years. Since our sensors do not require an external power supply, we can record air conditions not only in the plant, but also in the used areas. If desired, occupancy rates can also be recorded anonymously in order to obtain a detailed picture of the conditions on site. In addition to the system conditions, energy characteristics can also be created, or energy meters can be activated, to use the data as part of energy management according to ISO 50000. We would be happy to support you here with the conception and implementation.


Measuring systems for exhaust air chimneys

For stationary exhaust facilities, compliance with the limit values ​​according to the BImSchV must be proven. Depending on the type of operation and chimney diameter, suitable measurement methods should be used for verification. If the measuring system fails, depending on the application, this can lead to the temporary shutdown of the connected operating facilities.

It must be verified in the design phase, that the conditions of the measuring devices meet the minimum requirements.

I.F.I. checks the design and suitability of measuring systems and, if desired, carries out measuring section calibration. To support the design, the flow conditions in the chimney, including the inflow sections, can also be examined using numerical simulation. The simulation can be used as the basis for the approval, with the final proof being the measurement on the test track. Both services, i.e. simulation and qualification, are offered by I.F.I. as a single source.



Air curtains for non residential buildings

Air curtains are found on the entrance doors of modern department stores and drugstores, but can also be used for zone separation in industrial process technology.

I.F.I.-Gmbh has dealt intensively with the calculation and application of air curtains in different areas of building and industrial technology. The flow and temperature conditions as well as the energy losses during operation, can be predetermined by means of numerical simulation. Simulations often also form a basis for the interpretation of measurements on existing systems, e.g.:

  • building entrances
  • industrial doorways
  • cold storage
  • thermal process equipment
  • cooling lines
  • reflow ovens

Is your field of ​​application not mentioned? No problem. Feel free to contact us.

Air Curtain


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