I.F.I. has extensive expertise in the design and optimization of air conditioning systems. We support all aspects of ventilation technology:

- residential and non-residential buildings
- Buildings for special use cases, e.g. ice rinks, swimming pools, high-bay warehouses, clean room
- Mechanical and natural ventilation
- Calculation of acoustics, pressure loss, energy efficiency and comfort parameters
- System design, air distribution systems, room air flow

I.F.I. supports designers, builders and users in the conception, design and planning of ventilation systems for a wide variety of applications.

Mechanical and hybrid ventilation for residential and non-residential buildings


Using highly efficient heat recovery systems, mechanical ventilation systems are now established as an energy-efficient alternative to classic window ventilation. But many users do not want to be locked behind windows, that cannot be opened. Hybrid ventilation systems combine the advantages of both approaches.

With the right design and suitable control strategies, the requirements for user comfort and energy efficiency can be perfectly reconciled today. Talk to us, if you are interested in modern solutions.

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Dr.-Ing. Eckehard Fiedler

Dr.-Ing. Eckehard Fiedler

Head of Energy and HVAC Systems

Your contact for:
HVAC-systems, performance and energy monitoring
Energetische Inspektion, Optimierung von Raumlufsystemen, Technisches Monitoring, Raumströmungs- und Anlagensimulation

German, English
+49.241.879708-72 | +49.241.879708-20 | fiedler@ifi-ac.com


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