Our new website is online!

Development of the I.F.I. website in the past yearsIt was a real achievement to create what you now see in front of you:

I.F.I. GmbH has a new website as of November 23, 2023!

It took about a year from the decision to relaunch to the finished site. This is because we didn't just optimise the design and the technical basis of the website. No, we also restructured, retextualised and illustrated all of I.F.I.'s services and features. All so that you as a client, partner or future team member can better understand what we actually have to offer you.

Let's just admit it: Some of our services do require a lot of explanation! And therefore we (together with our agency some.oner) have sometimes wished this year that we were selling services which can be explained in just a few words. But our field is building and industrial aerodynamics - in all its intricate and specialised aspects. We have been working on these aspects with great expertise and passion for over thirty years. (At least as passionate as engineering service providers can be).

You are now looking at the result. In its clarity, comprehensibility and professionalism, it hopefully reflects the standards we set for the services we provide for our clients.

We hope that you like it - and that you find your way around!

And if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will be happy to help you.