Pressure differential systems

Ausschnitt der IFI-Stadt, DruckbelüftungThe precise design of pressure differential systems for safety stairwells is of enormous relevance under building law to ensure vertical escape routes.

Our consulting services can help you avoid conceptual errors when designing the systems and planning the requirements for safe areas. We can draw up brief descriptions of the pressure differential systems at an early stage of your project and extend these in the further course of the project together with experts, planners or architects, right up to the submission of an implementation concept according to the service phase 5 of the German Official Scale of Fees for Services by Architects and Engineers (HOAI).

In addition, we assess existing pressure differential concepts and support you in projects with dysfunctional systems. We also carry out flow simulations that allow the correct design of the volume flows and pressure control elements and provide proof of the functioning of the pressure differential systems even under unfavorable weather conditions.

Our engineers and technicians can support you with acceptance tests on site until shortly before the building is handed over or carry out the testing of pressure differential systems in accordance with EN 12101-6:2022-11 in our test rig.