Natural/free ventilation

Ausschnitt der IFI-Stadt, Natürliche und freie LüftungWhen it comes to wind effect or ventilation, our clients are faced with the challenge of proving compliance with standards and legal requirements on the basis of building plans alone. We are happy to support you in this task - in the case of assessments, without the need for complex simulations or wind tunnel tests. Rather, our expert opinions are based on our knowledge of laws and standards, extensive reference data and our many years of experience from comparable projects.

We prepare expert reports on the following topics

  • wind load reductions (e.g. on baffle plates or balcony railings)
  • wind loads on free-standing components (masts, signs or add-on parts)
  • wind loads on roofs and verification of the positional safety of roof structures
  • wind climate (direction-dependent design dynamic pressures from weather data)
  • special cases (which are not treated in standards, e.g. pipe bridges in chemical plants)

We support our clients in verifying suitable ventilation concepts, both for underground/enclosed garages and for freely ventilated, above-ground parking garages. Information such as necessary shaft and opening cross-sections are compared with ventilation and smoke extraction requirements in a comprehensible manner. We also take into account more specific requirements, e.g. in the areas of sound insulation and glare protection.

Nowadays, ventilated façades are a tried and tested means of combining weather protection, mold protection, energy efficiency and aesthetics in a building. In individual cases, however, it is important to check whether the planned façade installation can withstand the surrounding wind conditions under the given climatic conditions at a particular location. In addition to this wind load assessment, we also offer to determine the specific ventilation properties of the façade.

In the form of expert reports, our experts at I.F.I. check this according to the criteria specified in the client's order - and thus generate verifiable certainty for building owners and façade constructors.

With our know-how, we can also help you in special cases, e.g. for

  • wind load resistance of furniture on roof terraces
  • the effect of helicopter approaches
  • free ventilation of offices in accordance with the technical rules for workplaces (ASR)
  • driving rain quantities and removal of rain on steep roofs or facades
  • snow deposits, drifts, etc.

... whether it's a new building or an existing property - we'll find a solution for you.